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Quality adhesive solutions for edge sealing

Edge sealing is an important application within the furniture and building industry that offers various areas of use. It offers protection against moisture and steam for the kitchen worktop, provides stabilization of cut edges and can seal narrow surfaces of chipboards. As your reliable partner, Henkel provides a multitude of adhesive solutions for edge sealing, e.g. PUR, non-reactive and UV curing hotmelts – each with unique characteristics.

Henkel PUR adhesive range

TECHNOMELT PUR adhesives for edge sealing are applied as underseal onto the joint between the post-formed laminate and the lining on the back of the worktop:

  • Very short open time
  • Fast setting
  • Sealed surface is immediately block-free
  • High moisture and heat resistance

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Henkel non-reactive hotmelts

Henkel’s non-reactive hotmelts are used for stabilization and sealing of cut edges on automatic feed systems:

  • Stabilization of the edge area
  • Low shrinkage
  • Smooth, pressure-resistant surfaces
  • First-class surfaces after profile wrapping or edge banding with thin paper foils

More information about TECHNOMELT Non-reactive Hotmelts

Henkel UV-curing hotmelts

Henkel provides UV-curing hotmelts for e.g. the sealing of chipboards’ narrow surfaces that achieve exceptional results:

  • Especially for wood based panels with porous middle layers
  • Curing within seconds enables high line speeds
  • Can be wrapped using main hotmelt technologies
  • High heat, moisture and chemical resistance

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