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Quality adhesive solutions for flat lamination

Flat lamination and surface bonding are frequently used in the building and furniture industry, e.g. for wood-based panels, veneers, CPL and HPL. Depending on the substrates to be bonded as well as specific requirements, different adhesives and technologies are applied. Henkel is offering quality adhesive systems for flat lamination including PUR hotmelts, non-reactive hotmelts and waterbased adhesives.

Henkel PUR adhesive range

TECHNOMELT PUR hotmelts do not only offer adhesion versatility and easy processing, but also show further advantages for flat lamination applications:

  • Exceptional roller stability
  • High creep resistance
  • Distinctive tack and optimal wetting characteristics allowing excellent adhesion to numerous substrates
  • Allowing in-line processing

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Henkel non-reactive hotmelts

Adhesive solutions for lamination of engineered wood from MDF or chipboard on surface laminating machines with paper foils:

  • Fast melting for high machine speeds
  • Very good wetting of resinated paper foils
  • Enhanced productivity through low adhesive grammage
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Heat resistance of up to 100 °C depending on type of adhesive
  • Innovative lamination technology reacTec

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Henkel waterbased adhesives

Henkel’s waterbased adhesive solutions provide lasting quality for flat lamination – whether veneering, the lamination of decorative strips to lacquered surfaces and many other applications:

  • Aerobond system: The solutions for reduced application weight while assuring excellent adhesion
  • Customized solutions in adhesive supply and storage
  • Customer proximity

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