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Quality adhesive solutions for wood assembly

Wood assembly employes a multitude of applications, among others edge gluing, dowel insertion, miter gluing, tongue and groove joints and finger jointing. Furthermore, it involves wood, veneer, particle board, MDF and many other materials. Henkel is your reliable partner, providing first-class PUR hotmelts, non-reactive hotmelts, liquid PU and waterbased adhesives for wood assembly.

Henkel PUR adhesive range

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR hotmelts significantly facilitate and enhance wood assembly operations. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • High initial tack
  • Fast setting
  • Excellent moisture and heat resistance

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Henkel non-reactive hotmelts

Under the TECHNOMELT brand, Henkel unites non-reactive hotmelt adhesives for assembly bonding that possess distinctive characteristics:

  • Good adhesion to various materials such as plastics, metal, ceramics and lacquered surfaces
  • Gluing of joints via the two-shot technique, e.g. within the door industry
  • High adhesion
  • Short setting time

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Henkel liquid PU adhesive

LOCTITE is offering liquid PU adhesive solutions that make the assembly of wood, particle board, MDF and many other materials truly convenient:

  • Reduced adhesive consumption
  • No special melting equipment needed
  • Superior water resistance
  • Excellent hot tack
  • Adhesion versatility

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Henkel waterbased adhesives

Henkel’s waterbased adhesives for assembly can be used within many application fields, e.g. finger jointing, edge to edge gluing, mitre gluing and still more:

  • Excellent for solid wood bonding
  • Product range for all water resistance classes (D1 – D4; EPI)
  • For all kinds of wood species
  • Solutions for all press systems (cold press, hot press, radio frequency press, Micro wave etc.)

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