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Liquid PU – Reliability for the building industry

Polyurethane is an advanced thermoset polymeric composition with unique versatility. The adhesives are available in one-component or two-component systems, bond well to a large variety of materials and are frequently used for load bearing timber constructions as well as panel and sandwich elements. One-component PUR adhesives are applied in areas where ease of use, reliability and durability are required. Two-component systems are perfect for joints that are exposed to dynamic loads like vibrations or heavy impacts.

Wood assembly with liquid PU

Whether for wood, particle board, MDF and many other materials – LOCTITE is offering outstanding adhesive solutions that facilitate your assembling processes:

  • Reduced adhesive consumption
  • No special melting equipment needed
  • Superior water resistance
  • Excellent hot tack
  • Adhesion versatility

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Sandwich panel lamination with liquid PU

LOCTITE PU adhesives demonstrate adhesion to almost all materials and surfaces that are in use, e.g. panel and sandwich elements. Here, the key features are:

  • Excellent flexibility and durability
  • Solvent-free
  • Fast processing for high productivity
  • Good aging properties

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Load bearing wood construction with liquid PU

Under the brand LOCTITE PURBOND, Henkel provides one component moisture-curing liquid polyurethane adhesive systems for engineered wood:

  • Very short curing times
  • No formaldehyde or solvents - 100% solids content
  • First-rate bond strength and reliability
  • One-component system - no need to meter and mix additives
  • No visible bond lines

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Cleaners for liquid PU applications

To assure a safe and professional use of our adhesive systems, we provide our customers with accessories that have been tested by the Center of Competence:


  • Rinsing and cleaning agent for 1-K and 2-K polyurethane adhesives
  • High dissolving capacity of both the individual PU components and the partially cured mixture
  • Not aggressive to sealing materials
  • Low evaporation rate


  • For equipment and machine parts
  • Residues of adhesives can be removed easily from all components
  • Dipped into a solvent bath


  • Prevents adherent effects on the surface
  • Residues of adhesives can be removed easily
  • Recommended in order to extend the lifetime of machinery


  • Adhesion between fittings and threaded joints is avoided
  • Applicable in small portions
  • Helps to optimize production processes


  • Protection against moisture
  • Helps to prevent the reaction of 1-component PUR adhesive within a closed application system

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