Application with non-reactive hotmelt

Non-reactive Hotmelts – a new level of processing

Non-reactive hotmelts are frequently used for edge banding and profile wrapping, flat lamination, assembly and sealing processes. Under the TECHNOMELT brand, Henkel is offering non-reactive hotmelts on EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), polyolefin (APAO) as well as polyamide (PA) base. In general, these thermoplastic hotmelts differ in terms of their adhesion and heat resistance. The clean processing, coupled with high machine speeds, fast setting and excellent aging behaviour make them first choice for furniture and building components.

Edge banding with non-reactive hotmelts

Henkel’s edge banding hotmelt adhesives, which are available in granule or cartridge form, are used for bonding of all common edge materials and processing on automatic edge banding machines:

  • Machine speeds of 10 – 100 m / min.
  • High bond strength
  • Heat resistance of up to 120 °C depending on type of adhesive
  • Clean processing

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Profile wrapping with non-reactive hotmelts

Under the TECHNOMELT brand, Henkel is offering hotmelt adhesives for wrapping of profile cores from MDF or solid wood with paper foils and veneers:

  • For high machine speeds and complex profile cores
  • Very good wetting of different surface materials
  • High bond strength
  • Heat resistance of up to 120 °C depending on type of adhesive
  • High durability

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Flat lamination with non-reactive hotmelts

Henkel is also providing quality hotmelt adhesives for lamination of engineered wood from MDF or chipboard on surface laminating machines with paper foils:

  • Fast melting for high machine speeds
  • Very good wetting of resinated paper foils
  • Enhanced productivity through low adhesive grammage
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Heat resistance of up to 100 °C depending on type of adhesive

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Wood assembly with non-reactive hotmelts

TECHNOMELT hotmelt adhesives for assembly bonding demonstrate adhesion to a variety of materials:

  • Good adhesion to various materials such as plastics, metal, ceramics and lacquered surfaces
  • Gluing of joints via the two-shot technique, e.g. within the door industry
  • High adhesion
  • Short setting time

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Edge sealing with non-reactive hotmelts

Moreover, Henkel is offering sealing compounds for stabilization and sealing of cut edges on automatic feed systems:

  • Stabilization of the edge area
  • Low shrinkage
  • Smooth, pressure-resistant surfaces
  • First-class surfaces after profile wrapping or edge banding with thin paper foils

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Foam bonding with non-reactive hotmelts

Henkel’s portfolio also encompasses adhesive solutions for mattress and foam furniture manufacture including pocket coil adhesives, coil surface treatments or bed frame adhesives:

  • Improved mileage
  • Increased throughput
  • Ease of use
  • Immediate tack

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