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TECHNOMELT PUR is the first choice whenever maximum bond strength plays a decisive role -  for hard-wearing furniture as  well as for elements for indoor or exterior use. Bondings with TECHNOMELT PUR are resistant against humidity, heat, cold as well as oil and many solvents. As TECHNOMELT PUR does not contain moisture, substrates do not swell. Thus, tensions during the drying process do not occur. These advantages make TECHNOMELT PUR the right choice where quality is of essential importance, e.g. high gloss surfaces.

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Edge banding

Henkel's TECHNOMELT PUR adhesives are the right choice for edge banding applications due to their outstanding bonding performance supporting a very clean visual appearance of the edges:

  • Speed of bond formation allows very high line speeds
  • Zero bond line can be achieved
  • High-quality formulations allow highest heat, cold and moisture resistance
  • Available in blocks, cartridges and granules

More information about Edge Banding

Flat lamination

Besides the superior performance of polyurethane hotmelt adhesives, our TECHNOMELT PUR adhesives show further advantages for flat lamination applications:

  • Exceptional roller stability
  • High creep resistance
  • Distinctive tack and optimal wetting characteristics allowing excellent adhesion to numerous substrates
  • Enabling in-line processing

More information about Flat Lamination

Profile wrapping

All advantages of Henkel's TECHNOMELT PUR adhesives also apply to profile wrapping applications. Furthermore, our products show some special features for profile wrapping:

Exterior use:

  • First-class hotmelts with highest weather resistance
  • Certified by approved institutes
  • VOC reduced systems for the pretreatment of PVC surfaces

Indoor use:

  • Universally applicable for decor papers, plastic foils and laminates (e.g. CPL)

More information about Profile Wrapping

Edge sealing

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR adhesives are reliable solutions for edge and seam sealing. The adhesive is applied as high quality underseal onto the joint between the post-formed laminate and the lining on the back of the worktop. This then protects the kitchen worktop against moisture and steam. Key features include:

  • Very short open time
  • Fast setting
  • Sealed surface is immediately block-free
  • High moisture and heat resistance

More information about Edge Sealing

Wood assembly

With TECHNOMELT PUR, assembling also becomes extremely convenient. The adhesives are applied for general assembly work and are attractive specifically for these reasons:  

  • High initial tack
  • Fast setting
  • Excellent moisture and heat resistance

More information about Wood Assembly

Technomelt Cleaner Melt-O-Clean

Henkel products, specifically designed for TECHNOMELT PUR, support daily cleaning, lubricating or protective coating of equipment components:


  • Liquid cleaner, delivered in convenient spray bottles
  • Especially for non-cured TECHNOMELT PUR
  • Can be easily wiped off with a cloth
Technomelt PUR Cleaner 3


  • Special cleaning powder
  • Efficient cleaning of roller-coaters
  • Very short residence time
  • Prolongs the roller-coaters’ durability
Technomelt PUR Cleaner 4


  • Special cleaning granules, blue-coloured
  • Suitable for all common premelting and application systems
  • Inhibits curing of TECHNOMELT PUR residues inside the premelting and application system
Technomelt PUR Cleaner 7


  • Developed for cleaning roller-coaters using TECHNOMELT PUR
  • Enhances the life time of the silicone roller-coater
  • Cleaning adhesives residue found on the steel doctor roller
Technomelt PUR Cleaner ME


  • Liquid cleaner for heavily contaminated premelting and application systems
  • Suitable for all common systems
  • Does not require hazardous labeling
Technomelt PUR O-LUB


  • Synthetic lubricant
  • Especially for TECHNOMELT PUR application equipment, e.g. Bulkmelter O-ring‘s
  • Moisture-free, non-corrosive

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