Application with UV curing hotmelt

TECHNOMELT UV – New standards in coating and sealing

Henkel’s innovative UV hotmelts belong to the group of radiation-curable adhesives. They are solid, mono component and are processed at temperatures of about 100°C. Furthermore, they contain acrylates and photoinitiators, which are activated by UV light to form polymers. TECHNOMELT UV hotmelts fully cure in fractions of a second and can thus be processed immediately. Being VOC and solvent free, the UV-curing adhesives are the way forward.

Coating application with UV-curing hotmelts

TECHNOMELT UV FUSION COATING, which has been developed together with the Cefla Finishing Group,
sets new standards in terms of high gloss furniture and door elements:

  • Excellent adhesion on melamine faced panels
  • Very short curing time, handling is possible immediately after processing
  • VOC-free
  • Excellent surface quality
Edge sealing with UV-curing hotmelts

Henkel is offering UV-curing solutions for e.g. the sealing of chipboards’ narrow surfaces, which achieve excellent results:

  • Especially for wood based panels with porous middle layers
  • Curing within seconds enables high line speeds
  • Can be wrapped using main hotmelt technologies
  • High heat, moisture and chemical resistance

More information about Edge Sealing

Cleaners for UV-curing hotmelts

Henkel products, specifically designed for TECHNOMELT, support daily cleaning, lubricating or protective coating of equipment components:


  • Liquid cleaner, delivered in convenient spray bottles
  • Especially for non-cured TECHNOMELT
  • Can be easily wiped off with a cloth


  • Special cleaning powder
  • Efficient cleaning of roller-coaters
  • Very short residence time
  • Prolongs the roller-coaters’ durability


  • Special cleaning granules, blue-coloured
  • Suitable for all common premelting and application systems
  • Inhibits curing of TECHNOMELT residues inside the premelting and application system

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